Redefining Aging-in-Place with Virtual Based Care & Intelligent Technology

We help ACOs, Physician Groups, and Health Plans achieve clinical and financial success

Who is

Empowered-Home is a forward thinking company comprised of highly experienced subject matter experts in the fields of healthcare, technology, data, insurance, and telemedicine.  We have built a unique partner ecosystem incorporating best-in-class product solutions to help ACO’s, Independent Physician Associations, and Health Plans achieve both clinical and financial success as the industry transitions to remote value-based care. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to create real-time health situationual awareness for patients and members of their supporting care circle. Correlation of multiple data streams such as sleep quality, exercise, stress, diet & nutrition, medication adherence can be challenging and time consuming when it comes to triaging conditions.  

We bring these elements together using latest in Generative AI and Large Language Models to contextualize changing health situations for clinicians and care-givers for improved sustainable outcomes. 

Subject Matter Experts

Developed by healthcare professionals to optimize clinical decision support.

Best-in-Class Partner Ecosystem

Patient behavior tracking.

Patient Health Situational Awareness such as fall risk, sleep deprivation, medication adherence, stress, physical strain.

Clinical Decision Support for Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), Transitional Care Management (TCM), and more.

AI-automated Prior Authorization tied to Guideline rules.

Auto-generated Customized Care Plans with Continuous Feedback

AI generated care plans with flexibility to adjust resulting in better patient compliance while helping efficiently manage high patient loads.

Clinician Intervention with Accountability

Clinical Monitoring Dashboards with data-driven correlations and insights to help clinicians triage faster and more efficiently.

A technology extender that gives clinicians and care providers super-powers

We empower physicians & payers to win in the demanding new world of value-based care.  Our bundled product and service offerings remove the hurdles of patient data sharing, pre-authorization, remote patient monitoring, patient satisfaction & retention, patient collections, eligibility, and patient risk stratification.

We will help you get results

Giving your clinicians exceptional insight resulting in: 

  • Improvement in patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Reduction in ER visits and hospital readmissions
  • Improvement in the effectiveness & efficiencies of care
  • Identification and closure in gaps of care 
  • Automated and continuously adjustable patient care plans
  • Actionable assignments for clinicians, specialists, and caregivers
  • Patient satisfaction feedback and debt collection
  • Less dependency on staffing while addressing the shortage problem
  • Easy to use patient communications tools (video & messaging)

Empowered-Home was featured in the latest edition of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs’ show.  Listen to what our partners, including the Chairman of the National Coalition on Health Care, have to say about the problems Empowered-Home is solving.

Topics discussed are…

  • Prior Authorization (at 2:15)
  • Virtual Care Management (at 8:35)
  • Patient Billing and Collections (at 17:35)

Guests include…

  • Jack Lewin, M.D., Chairman of the National Coalition on Health Care
  • Stephany Hall, CEO for Privis Health and Chief Nursing Advisor for Empowered-Home
  • Bryan Graven, CEO of HiLite Health
  • Daniel Contaldi, COO of HiLite Health.